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In the thought of life’s quintessential dichotomy lies the seeds of one’s success or failure. It transcends to societies and even nations. A dichotomy that plagues us day in and day out in literally everything we do. It generally creates an unbridgeable gap in life, which keeps on increasing with the passage of time as professional and personal life’s complexities keep increasing. Human life works best when there is predictability, that can happen on a variety of counts, but with this dichotomy, the predictability gets into the negative domain. All aspects of life get into a different spin altogether.

A dichotomy created because of the inability to practice, in full measure or majorly, the principles, thoughts and even the work / life philosophy we talk about or enunciate. The world tries to mark us on this standpoint and in practice they find the person, or an organization behaving and acting differently. That is the genesis of all the problems – the heightened expectations and the delivery more often that not is just satisfactory and in a vast majority of cases is abysmally low. This brings us to the quintessential behind the quintessential dichotomy, are we even interested in practicing what we proclaim.

Can it be treated as a marketing gimmick of life? In the social media world it is even more intense, where a make believe world is being created, of highest end professional and personal morality, only to find out at some point in time, that it not exist even at the theoretical level, by those who were professing it. We have reached a stage, where talking and doing have become two separate entities of life, nearly watertight in operations, but trying to get the best mileage out of whatever we talk. So many times, you are at a loss as to how a particular person did what he did. You have become a victim of this quintessential dichotomy of life and more so of Indian life.

Life at the end of the day runs on philosophy of life and work, broken down into principles of existence and then into operational methodologies, to make it happen. Making it happen what you think and whatever you mission is, is what we call life. The vision and mission statements of organizations are empty words, written by creative writers for a price and one more hefty price to make it a multimedia visual delight. At every stage and at every level, if this has become the mode of operation, how would anyone know where to act and in which manner, for what purpose and benefit. We are messing up with our world in a manner that there will be no recourse in tomorrow’s India.

Sanjay Sahay

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