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What do politicians and the political executive understand of and have expertise in when it comes to logistics? Logistics in a liberal way can be used for the organization of any political jamboree. The variety of jamboree of all us are familiar with; from the reception of leader to the mammoth task of organizing Bharat Jodo Yatra. What are organizational capabilities of our politicians and can we find any changes once they become the political executive in their organizational capabilities? Where the expertise bottleneck of the governmental delivery mechanism come from? Why does the government deliver differently, one for the political class and extending up to the bureaucrats and the other for the proletariat?

The realization that has yet to dawn on the nation is that the political delivers differently; when their top leaders are in question, any project related to catch people’s imagination, presently activities related to social media impact, and anything and everything related to the elections all the time. Of late when they find running short of talent, they outsource / hire to conduct those activities and work as good as a well-oiled private limited company. When they become a part of political executive with the same logistical acumen, they make the government is a similar manner. What an irony, political logistical acumen transforms into administrative acumen!

Where does the political logistical acumen converging into administrative governance model lead us to? If last seven and half decades are on offer, certainly it has delivered below par and in future also that would be the story, even given the fact the governments deploy the best talent pool in country, if we put the combined talent pool of the private sector in comparison. The other side of the story is that whatever top notch politicians want to deliver while in government, they are able to deliver. They can surmount the logistical challenge if the want to, being fully successful is different story. Success as differential, everyone has to face.

In the backdrop, we study the Bharat Jodo Yatra, more than hundred permanent yatris, thousands joining all along the way, an ongoing procession dawn to dusk, public meetings, districts and states flowing, 3500 kms, 150 night halts, facing all weather conditions and been successful without any hiccups so far. The logistical exercise any layman can make out can be humongous, you can call it a moving town, where everything has to catered inclusive of security and media interface. From political strategy to meticulous planning, meeting the dynamic requirements, having trusted and professional stakeholders from containers to cooking to medical to hygiene to anything coming in between. The motivation, morale, bonhomie and camaraderie can go as shining examples. What Bharat Jodo Yatra will deliver we leave it for some other day, the issue in question is, can the same politicians deliver a similar seamless, full delivery oriented governance.

Sanjay Sahay

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