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Data is the new oil is an oft repeated quote and Artificial Intelligence is slowly but steadily been turning out to be the super data refinery. Every single drop of oil is accounted for; from crude to the refined, the path and process known, refined as per the exact specifications, variety of products known, the nature of the pipelines, sensors managing physical movement, mode of transport, the customers and finally the usage. What usage delivers is also quantified! This is how valuable assets are managed in public benefit.

Can we say the same about data? In the very same manner as the Oil has a well established regime, their is need for data too, in the interest of accountability and transparency. Nearly all the data is handled by non-owners adds to the complexity of of the issue. Mandated Data Regime is the creation of an elaborate yet intricate mechanism by which creation, transmission, storage, use, research, use of by-products, use by intermediaries, out sourced agents or any commercial or private use is completely accounted for. The legally mandated purpose is the guiding factor in creation of this regime.

Mandated Data Regime would provide us complete clarity on every single piece of data, the usage also thus becomes clear and also the access for other defined purposes and finally the aggregation. It would be so easy to work in such a clear and transparent system. This would make data a fluid asset which is authenticated end to end. The garbage in garbage out, non-compatibility and lots of other functional issues which literally make best of the data useless and it time consuming can be done away with.

While all of us are in search of worthwhile data, usable and compatible too, nobody has the time to give thought to the creation of Mandated Data Regime. It would even bring audit issues to the minimum. All organisations private, public and government will have to go this way to remain productive, efficient and progressive. It we don’t know how to best use and safeguard our most valuable asset, future does portend well for us.


Sanjay Sahay

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