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Mediocre work, outstanding documentation and out of the world publicity seems to have become the norm of our public life and hence public domain is cluttered with such content. It has reached such levels that it has become next to impossible to separate wheat from the chaff. Everyone seems to have become a publicity machine, and organisations of all types are mastering this art, hastening their nemesis and the purpose for which they have been created and exist. Mastery over this art has become a must, it has now become the wherewithal of the organisation. The multimedia world with the display in every hand, is a tool to mesmerise its owner himself.

The more outstanding documentation and out of the world publicity seamlessly synthesize each other, people will sway away to bother less about the physical performance, work, delivery, whatever you call it. The biggest challenge one faces today is that many have decided that they deliver only outstanding performances. How can that happen? In a world where failure is the order of the day and success a rare exception, this mindset can put the whole rational ecosystem into bewilderment. The way it has grown and the exponential pace with which it is growing, gives a feeling that the days for the nemesis the rational world is numbered.

Work need not be evaluated is the running thought process of our age and has been in currency for quite some time now. We hear any number of voices challenging other persons’ right to question. If the performer questions the evaluator, formal or otherwise, then how does the system work? Which system has worked without performance evaluation, and how long can it survive without it. What ails our public life / governance is all pervasive mediocrity spreading like termite, and by way of design that is being touted as something we should be proud of. This makeover for public consumption is our magic sauce. It is very difficult today to convincingly say whether they even understand what they are doing. Certainly, they would not be having any idea of the damage being done and perpetrated by them.

When man becomes the centre of his universe and work not even a faint shadow, that too further shadowed by self-created and self-proclaimed larger than life personality, then mediocrity has finally arrived. Multimedia social media can create a visionary and statesman out of anybody. When you don’t have the competence / capability to perform the mandated task or you have given it up once you achieved the position for easy life, and you still want to outshine everyone else this is a sure shot method. Some are mediocre by fate, or opportunity, some by not being ready to make an effort or bad grooming and some by achieving through merit and hard work descent into it, the final result is one and the same thing. They create a morass for the community, people and nation itself, where it becomes next to impossible to come out of it.

Sanjay Sahay

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