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Trump’s own perception of no global warming has in no way dampened the efforts of the world to move in the direction required to bring down the massive carbon footprint. To lead the way is Japan which has decided to make the 2020 Olympic Games as much a game on the threshold of human endurance and excellence as to prove to the world that renewable energy resources are the world’s future. The country has decided to be the champion of climate change and is about to set off a race for clean energy. Mega Solar is the most conspicuous trend being seen of late and some projects worldwide are showing the way.

Tokyo is going ahead with the revolutionary concept of “Solar Roads.” These are roads made up of a system of solar panels which are painted with a special resin to enhance durability. In May, a solar road was installed in a car park of a Seven – Eleven store in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. Its likely to be introduced on trial as early as next fiscal year. Solar roads have already been introduced on motorways in France and on cycling roads in Netherlands. The 2020 Games would be the game changer. Tokyo Olympics 2020 would be powered only by renewable sources of energy.

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer which wants the world to switch over to electric cars, plans to have its Tesla Gigafactory 1 to be completely powered by solar. The Tesla watchers given this fact in mind feel that with every iteration of its process, we can expect Tesla to instal solar on its Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York as well as the Shanghai Gigafactory, due to completed in next two years.

Solar farms are also making big news. On the desert lands of California, becoming the largest solar plant in the world, Topaz, was recently commissioned after the completion of its final 40 – megawatt phase. This is first 500+ megawatt solar plant in US. Nine million solar panels across 9.5 square miles in the expanse. Ivanpah Solar Power Facility was so far leading the way with gross capacity of 392 megawatts. These Mega Solar Projects will change the trajectory of energy.


Sanjay Sahay

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