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Clayton Christensen said when preparation meets opportunity, it’s luck. Those who perspire in peace don’t bleed in war. Armies spend a life time of training for that moment of glory / victory and the ultimate feeling of being a saviour. Effort should not be calculated but the business consumerist world has taught us so. That packaging is only till time the wrapper etc is on. Finally, the product needs to be out and perform. Incompetence, easy life, camouflage and lust for money and comfort is way more contagious than corona and more unseen too. You cannot see till the time it totally finishes you. Fortunately, such situations come once in a few generations / centuries.

Resources cannot save this situation. Resources are what you make out of them. Strategy is how you make the best out of a given situation stretching maximum possible the available resources and come out successful. Large number of resources cannot be seen by the naked eyes, it is in the freshness, agility and never say never die attitude lies the transformation. You have to come out successful. Inspiration comes out of desperation. There is no Plan B in an existential crisis, because you will not be there to see Plan B. Mental lockdown, which we have been facing in different sectors for quite sometime, vitiates this type of vision. When mental lockdown meets a humungous crisis its a complete breakdown.

Mental lockdown is the incapability to understand the present and extrapolate it into the future for solutions. It is when you become all knowing in an extremely complex world. The echo chamber of Social Media is it’s ideal playground. Trying to become the Mecca of medical tourism to the crumbling infrastructure today is one example of mental lockdown. 92% engineers not being employables is another example. The incapability to handle an evolving situation is a state of mental lockdown. Iterative process and endless slog with professional inputs on the fly has to become the accepted norm. Mental lockdown is the antithesis of collaboration; only way to come out of any major sustained crisis.

Endless dialogue is the way forward in any crisis and that too based on total trust. Dashboards have a backend which is brick and mortar. Contact tracing is humungous, meticulous and tiring effort supported by technology, can do wonders, if done conscientiously. A commitment to humanity is what has been the need of the hour. Hippocrates Oath cannot be allowed to fail. All in the game should be deemed to have taken that oath. Dignity of human being is an inalienable right. Mental lockdown does not find any place for that. Put yourself in the shoes of the worst hit and the mental lockdown will disappear by itself. The earlier the better. There is still a long battle ahead. We don’t have a choice, we have to win.


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