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Management by mentorship seems to written all over the management roadmap. Millennials are currently the largest generation in the US labour force. By 2025, they would be 75% of the workforce, with the maximum spending. ”Millennials need leaders who set them up for success, instil in us a sense of bigger purpose, and give us the confidence we need to persevere when the work is most challenging.” A paradigm shift indeed.

The role of boss &the bossing syndrome has to change. The goal remains the same, one dimension of the role & methodology changes completely. Millennials are not comfortable with the big brother hovering figure, talking to budget cuts & warnings if the deadlines are not met. The present management system system they find as archaic, that dictates rules and constraints &they crave for mentors who guide & inspire them.

Mentorship would change the human relations in an enterprise. The mentor mentee relationship is a positive / proactive one & has connotations of a long standing professional engagement. Creating a relationship of trust & understanding is the key. Management should empower & build confidence of its employees. No guilt trips, blaming & pressuring. Millennials need freedom to speak openly & an atmosphere sans intimidation.

A Toyota manager is also a trainer to a new employee & it has worked out well for the company. This millennial practice & expectation is way ahead. They are not comfortable with thought that management would turn its back, the second something goes wrong. One has to feel as a part of something bigger, see a purpose, to go to greater lengths to excel in their work. The mentorship dynamic creates trust & loyalty, way beyond a raise or a bonus ever could.

It is cultivating a mutual relationship instead of a transaction. Management’s backing of this nature is priceless benefitting both parties.


Sanjay Sahay

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