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 Real, imaginary or presumed, mismatch seems to the order of the day.  It’s between individuals positioned in different professional slots, organizations in an ecosystem, between departments in an enterprise, different thought processes and also a different methods to reach the common goal. It should have been ironed out with the passage of time and effort.  The seamless systems and processes still remains a mirage affecting our deliverables and hence the progress of the enterprise, individuals, society & the nation.

 The different elements of the democratic process are still to find the equilibrium we have been yearning for since independence.  The legislature, executive and judiciary have their own turf wars and to add to that, is the fourth estate, trying to find a new meaning and role for itself. With the different world view of the same reality the democratic system is unable to reach the next level of existence and delivery.

 At the individual level, the rate of attrition in business enterprises have another story.  There is permanent deep seated feeling that he is not getting the due; the enterprise is exploitative and a change to a new enterprise would solve the issues, unfortunately, that does not happen. Constant supervision and monitoring has not yielded the desired results.  It is much more endemic, deep seated in the mental psyche of the individual and the DNA of the enterprise.

The same continues in our research organizations where  individual goals takes precedence  of the organizational and more conspicuously the research requirements of the society and the nation.

The only way out is awareness to the  larger organizational goals,  of the society and the nation and an  urge to align with the same,  even if it means inconvenience & suffering to fulfill the larger worthwhile goal. Herein, is our success as a organization and a nation.


    Sanjay Sahay

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