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 Technology entices, mesmerizes and at times intrigues me but the real enigma is the business model behind it,  the crazy youngsters who seamlessly blend technology & entrepreneurship and take business and mankind further. Last twenty years of the world’s technological journey has been magical to say the least and has just been the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  Herein, fits the story of the latest in the Big League, Snapchat, which with its present IPO is redefining the technological and business history of mankind.

Notional or otherwise, the company has had a  stellar first day in its public debut on the New York Stock Exchange, getting valued at $34 billions  and turns out to be more valuable than 9 of the top public companies; Twitter, Ferrari, Best Buy, Seagate, Hilton and the like. The founders; Evan Speigel & Bobby Murthy, have become the two youngest self made billionaires and the  investors are betting big on the company’s promise of innovation.

Starting from the Stanford University as class project, not treated as a great business idea the [?], has taken the market by storm,  clearly validating the successful transition of an idea to reality.  What the market has to offer should be read the other way round as what you have to offer to the market. The market laps innovators and innovation, mostly Disruptive, as long as  it caters to their requirements, both known and unknown.  This is how the new market spaces are created.

 Disruptive Innovation rules in the Cyber Age.  The idea and product has to be disruptive and having carved a fair share of the market the incremental innovative changes in the product and also an improved ease of usage in that ecosystem, decides the final fate of the product and its  capability to maintain exponential growth.  Google, Facebook, WhatsApp have been great models.

Product is the king and so shall it be. History, destiny & future; all are on their side.


    Sanjay Sahay

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