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If you falter now, you will never be able to recover. It is one last chance, somehow you have survived to this day in a dignified manner, it would not happen tomorrow. You will be stripped by technology to a level that you would not realize it was you. It applies to individuals, companies, educational/research institutions, governments, NGOs, think tanks and civil society organizations. Peter Drucker ushered in this world the discipline of management to the world, as a pro-active agent and practice which could be a north star for managed institutions. It was an amalgam mostly of available disciplines, with a purpose and direction.

It took the world by storm. Over the years management has become the most impact making discipline the world has witnessed in recent times. Unfortunately, it did not impact various facets of human existence in the way it impacted businesses. One clear cut miss out has been governance. It is truncated living to be precise. This historical wrong is negatively impacting governments and consequently the well-being of societies worldwide. The world got into a transformative technology journey few decades back which has been gaining in pace, with passing year. Last year 30th November was a great milestone with ChatGPT making artificial intelligence as an everyday technology, which no one could live without. A dose of AI is everywhere now.

The all-pervasive impact of technology on human existence, we are still to fathom out. At times we believe it is limited to the IT companies, from the global behemoths to the lesser mortals. On other occasions we feel every industry is impacted. Covid induced digital transformation put a seal on it. How mostly the governments have lagged behind is another regressive story for mankind, mostly the developing countries. What you have not been able to achieve, you will never realize, until someone gives a third detached eye. And we are ready to accept it. One thing on which all of us agree is that, if we were guided properly, we have would performed much better in infusion and management of technologies in our organizations. The piecemeal consultancy has added to the mess than even minimalist sorting out.

Technologies are available, so are products, technologists and the tech wherewithal, its dire need is evident everywhere. Non-professional or lack of application is killing us. So, the world is craving for a professional field, a discipline and practice called technology management, in tune with the world’s requirement in various sphere. Current avatars, if any, are not even a shade of what is required. A body of expert knowledge to start with, models well proven but not yet documented, the wisdom of tech thinkers and wide-open world of research, taking initial cues from the likes of Yuval Noah Harari to Singularity University. MTM or Masters in Technology Management is the name given to such a degree for our better understanding. It can have any name, any number of names and can have any number of variants of it. All should serve the same purpose. Technology is our flora and fauna of today, a discipline needs to be there to teach how to delve into it, to the best of our advantage. Currently, it is six blind men and the elephant scenario.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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