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The democracy has been transformed into a topic less debate is what we have achieved in las seventy-five years of our independent existence. Whatever might be the topic, the content of the debate remains to be the same. The sanctity of a speech, response, intervention or debate in parliament and the one delivered to cajole voters during high pitch electioneering has become one and the same thing. It has really been a surprise, how come the voters have not been able to see through this smokescreen, when this has been practiced for decades. The gist of what we have seeing and hearing for quite sometime now is an open battle between my criminality vs your criminality.

The historical canvas on which this script is written and rewritten is all of 75 years, mostly the lapses, glitches, failures and proven in . It started with a comparison of progress, developments and achievements but finally has descended to outright criminality. It has come to a level where it has come to my criminal act versus your criminal act fishing out from history to create a defence. While the debate is on Manipur, the law-and-order situation and human crisis which has engulfed it, is nowhere being debated upon.

Who of the speakers have any idea to the last nut and bolt; as to how the tragedy has unfolded; the response to it, legal and social complications, the still unending tragic saga and what can be road ahead? Commitments in parliament and acting upon it, makes governments accountable to the legislature. It makes a country a robust democracy. No debate has any head or tail. Raise any issue and it becomes a you and me debate as if the electorate is here to view bull fights in the democratic coliseum. Even in Manipur it has become what happened in your time and now what has been happening and is taken to a ridiculous level as to who visited then, again creating a defence.

If one government is to follow the other in its misdeeds, each having the other as a reference point for their misdeeds and incompetence, clearly means that they have declared themselves as democratic non-deliverables even before they start. First it is my states vs your states, my riots vs your riots, my corruption vs your corruption, my scandals vs your scandals, my criminal antecedent elected representatives vs yours with criminal backgrounds, my failures vs your failures, my authoritarianism vs your authoritarianism, my venom spewers vs your venom spewers and it goes on endlessly. Criminality has been declared as the running thread of our democracy in practice. Where do go from here?

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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