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India is a land of aspirations and inspirational models and stories are abound. You could follow one or multitude of these in any permutation and combination you find suitable and make a success out of your life. Individual success storied are the lifeline of this nation and such transformations happen in good measure, they reaching top slots in business and polity even globally. Does it add up to a national or state’s growth story, which can turn out to be inspirational and compelling enough to become the growth model for this country. It can be an Indian model so to say. Are we need of it?

We have lived in kicks and starts and today also we live that way. We hope that convergence, agglomeration and collaboration of all good that in happening in individual pockets, would add up into India’s developmental story and models and capabilities worth replicating would just happen. It has not happened thus far and it is not going to happen in future as well. We have had countries completely devastated or being too backward and poor post the second world war to have transformed into modern economies and developed nations of today, fueling semiconductors to sports and with it have taken their countries to a different league.

The names of such countries and even a famous city state is known to all of us. Whatever would have been the modalities of development and sectors which took lead, one thing was sure, they were able to create national focus, on the task of growth and development. And they could sustain it relentlessly. Variegated focus which we have in this country can lead us nowhere. Where does national focus come from? None of these countries imported it from anywhere. It was always home grown. Achievement is equal to the need for achievement. Have we reached the need for achievement level, as that could be the beginning?

The convergence of individual urge cannot become national focus. In all cases it has happened with strong push from the top and slowly it permeated down. National focus is most visible in the nature of leadership. As the fruits started elevating all and as visible signs of success started appearing with some regularity, people started sharing the vision. They were onboard the shared vision and were ready to make any effort for the matter. Shared vision is the key to national focus. Defining national focus is very important in terms of the targets and goals it intends to achieve. From there it moves on to the Blueprint Stage and then the real story begins. Bringing various blueprints to reality is the touchstone of national focus. Focus is a time bound game. Every project, process, investment and execution all adding into the national dream being executed with all pervasive, omnipresent and potent national focus.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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