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Who does not want to be at the top of the charts? National Institutional Ranking Framework created in the year 2016 has been the main ranking procedure for higher level learning institutions in the country since 2017. We find the ranking being flaunted all around by the academic institutions. NIRF Ranking is the final marks card/ position of any institution worth its name. Being professionally managed, objective and empirical, rankings are primarily based on: Teaching Learning & Resources, Research and Professional Practice, Graduation Outcome, Outreach & Inclusivity and Perception.

The career growth of any institution can be very clearly discerned from the improvement in its ranking year on year or a reverse trend. The marketability, utility and impact of the institution is manifested by this ranking. For an institution to play a pivotal role in the Indian academic arena, a professional strategy to improve its ranking is a must. This is the only manifestation of the inherent drive and passion of the college management to proactively improve on the parameters and in the process  make the institution academically more productive.

However much is invested in civil construction and grandiose buildings and also in the sports infrastructure, the final value of an institution is the quality of the teaching resources, the quality of students intake with the right academic infrastructure. The academic environment thus created leads to the fulfilment of the academic pursuit for both the students and the teachers and in the process makes the institution, a mecca of learning. It will be on the very keen understanding of the parameters, which are an ideal intermix of both objectivity and subjectivity made measurable, that the ranking is done.

TechConPro, which is an ideal mix of academicians, researchers, scientists on the one side and industry professionals on the other, having fair idea of all types of teaching resources, research and development, handling problem areas and being hung on objective deliverables, are ideally suited to facilitate an institution’s journey to better ranking, in the most professional manner. Strategizing, planning, operationalizing and hand holding will be the key for this professional journey. Besides accomplishing better ranking, it would be a satisfying endeavour of professional expertise for all stakeholders. Last but not the least, perception would automatically change for the people inside the institution, and sooner than later for the NIRF team which would evaluate the institution.


Sanjay Sahay

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