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 While Trump may be getting into a legal imbroglio, unprecedented in American history, is legality is the main issue.  Open to interpretations of legal luminaries, top class lawyers, investigative agencies & lastly, the judicial process, is the debate one of contravention of literal constitutional provisions, criminal law and then it being proven or otherwise, in a court of law.

 Nationhood, democracy & constitution are not just legal technicalities, it’s the spirit behind has led to the creation of modern democratic nation states & its sustenance.  Politics & politicians cannot be the sole custodians of our existential value systems, on which the modern world is based.

 Conniving with an adversary, precisely, an arch enemy for political gain, to occupy the most powerful position in the country is unimaginable, abhorring.  Can a person with this mindset be able to do justice to hopes & aspirations of the most powerful nation in the world & lead the world in its  most difficult times, in the modern history, from terrorism to cyber security, engulfing the world.  A person mired in controversy & investigations will have the mind and energy to deliver,  is the question; the Americans are forced to answer.

 Can the lack of understanding, expertise & experience of the legal framework, democratic traditions / conventions, systems of governance be fatal for the President & the nation.  All is fair is love, war & politics has reached an extrapolation, which is one of its kind.

The world awaits with baited breath, the end of this saga.


    Sanjay Sahay


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