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NEWSPAPERS – Where is the news? 

 Exponential change in the mass media has brought the newspapers to near irrelevance given the nature of content, design, formatting & more importantly viewers interest, which has gone through such transformational changes that it’s become difficult to recognize a newspaper but for its name.  Commercials are the name of the game, news has been lost in this cauldron. Ads rule the roost.  With the demise of the serious reader the newspapers have also realigned accordingly with the times.

Businesses have to run & newspapers today have become no different from any other.  To find the headlines in most newspapers today can be a nagging early morning exercise.  The reader has no idea as to which page is the first page. By the time you reach the main news, who has the interest to read.  Advertisements can officially be announced as news.

The thickness of the newspapers & supplements thereof is directly proportional to the advertisements they halve been able to garner for a particular day.  As they say the more the merrier . If readers are of no concern for the newspapers,  the readers have also reciprocated in a similar manner.

What meaning does readership figures anyway?  The increase in sales on account of ads by the companies would be the only indicator of the success of the newspaper . The higher it is, more will flock, entailing higher revenues for the both.  A new disruptive business model is born . It’s a win-win situation. All can celebrate but for the reader.

Editorials have been the mainstay since its inception.  A survey of editorial reading can throw up some startling facts.  Editors were the brain teasers. They decided the narrative of the nation. No more.


 Sanjay Sahay

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