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From the innocuous smile to be the first one to help in a medical emergency to consistently supporting a needy person, being responsive is being human. Stretching is logically, the opposite would be mostly true. Creating an empirical responsiveness matrix of a human being, would give the responsive psychology of an individual and what you can expect out of that person in what situation. Overall responsiveness of the individual can be arrived at and on the aggregator mode of the society. It can help plan lots of initiatives in the social sector, where responsive behavior is critical .

What is really intriguing about the behavioral / psychological pattern is the same person being both responsive or non- responsive at the same time, depending on the stakes involved. Some amount of discrepancy may be understandable but a totally contradictory behavior baffling. The indifference at the accident spot is the epitome of non-respnsive behaviour. To top it all, we can find onlookers taking pictures but not responding to an accident victim. Paradoxically, they would be the ones who would expect the best & the most humane response.

The Indian responsiveness is directly proportional to non – physical, effortless situations. Social media has become the epitome of such behavior, it has been in practice for long on the electronic media. It is easy to become a crusader in no time. Empathy personified can become the new description. Is responsiveness forthcoming only when it is effortless and guarntees mileage. Any issue will do. No long term activity / issue / need will ever be responsive worthy from this point of view.

In a nuclear family centric consumerist society, where literally cut throat competition is the order of the day, how can this milieu generate responsive behavior. Governance and citizens actually have an well meaning result oriented interaction, if it is driven by responsiveness. Responsiveness brings smile and satisfaction to both, unfortunately we have lost the taste of the ultimate feeling of providing succor & being a giver.


Sanjay Sahay

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