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When the country is real of physical and man-made features, of human resources who are in flesh and blood and robust hard coded systems and processes which have delivered over time and space, then the people who manage different functions also need to real. They need to be real in every field and at every level. There cannot be any compromises. By real we mean being in possession of the right expertise, experience and acumen for the job being performed by him. Real people have the capability to understand the world around him and are confident of bringing successful interface of it to their job.

Moving further, they don’t need validation and declare the successful completion of their work and are open to public /professional scrutiny. This means they own their job, deliverables and all the comes with it. They have courage and grit without which nothing can owned, decided and delivered. In short, ownership, responsibility and accountability are sorted out. They also have a demonstrated capability of all these, all throughout his careers, validated by objective and empirical mechanisms. Now we come to the real question of all jobs you know in the public domain, which impact our intensively, what percentage is occupied by people in possession of these skills, expertise, experience and mindset mentioned above.

If the real positions are filled by people who lack is prime requisite – hard and soft skills, what and how will they deliver? Will they even be aware of what they are handling and in which direction things should move? Will they even be able validate, review, plan and supervise? Will they any idea of the nature and quality of the work done and delivered? Then how does things happen and how do the citizens get what the democracy has mandated them, through a well oiled and legally mandated system, for which we pay. If are a few who don’t foot the bill, the system can somehow manage, but if the vast majority fall in this category fall, the system itself lands in a mess.

Amongst this large part, most fail on every count and people making entry through the professional route also lose their precision, capability and delivery, neither supported or chided by the system. These can be called dummies, while they are physically, legally and technically there, the expectation of any iota of delivery can only be figment of imagination. Rest all the other games they play exceedingly well. What can dummies do best; make hollow claims and be unashamed about it. Camouflage, decoy, evasion and creating smokescreen they are masters in. Whatever is not there in the rule book is their mastery. They have not only survived to this day, they have prospered, it seems to have become the norm.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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