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A truism of life is, that you can evade a crisis, *but you will not be able to evade the consequences of that crisis. We have evaded hundreds of these in a variety of areas, but we are not able to evade the consequential wrath of it. Might be this truism did not come into existence to explain deliberately man-made crises with vested interests of the most debase types. In such a case, we would all accept that the consequences could be much more devastating. Are Joshimaths and Brij Bhushans indicators of a clear downslide of a robust system?

The counter argument is that a robust system of governance, justice, preventive proactive action, system-based delivery etc never took shape. The fledgling democratic set up which was intended to become fully functional, took a wrong trajectory quite a long time back. Slowly the rules of the game became clear and visible and thus developed the present system, functioning since decades now, which believes in degeneration of every type, to get all types of gains, while using legality and system to deliver it. We have people defying all logic and rationale, the reactive system failing to firm up, and the powers that prop them up huddling into silence, yet relentlessly scheming.

The committee drama takes over, at times it is called panel too, and all functional legal mechanisms fall into the backdrop. Instead of a unwritten constitution of some countries, we have an unknown constitution written by an unknown constituent assembly, serving the vested interests of stakeholders, who had exceptional expertise to create it. This is a known theoretical construct of de-jure and de-facto. Joshimath has gone through its current bout of crisis, some face-saving work done, primarily covering all the tracks which brought the situation to this pass. It will meet a worse fate is also not unknown. All other Joshimaths, quite a few brought into the public domain have now been consigned to the articles which were supposed to provoke action. They will erupt sooner or later to meet the same.

The fate of sports federations has been known to all concerned for a long time. BCCI et al have been hitting the headlines on a regular basis. Court intervention is also not new. Pathetic conditions in which sports persons are thrown and their battle with sports infra is all known. Do people who have glossy pics with the champions, don’t know what these champions have gone through at the hands of the sports federations and administrators. Is there a profession of sports administration? Anyone can wrest control of a federation and keep exploiting it endlessly. Can sportspersons not run their own organisations? What special skills / expertise Brij Bhushans bring? It’s time to cleanse this rot. The iconic Kalmadi saga has not been able to teach us anything. For sure, Brij Bhushan also will not.

Sanjay Sahay

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