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If the route to political glory or recognition goes through the Police Station, then the relationship of power play, the role of police would ever remain intriguing and fascinating. There would hardly be a leader who would not have had his tryst with the Police. Even if we give discount to purely political agitations, which is very difficult to limit that way, there are a large number of criminal cases where the politician police interface is a daily routine. It’s only their involvement in cases but their hangers on involvement and lots of people who come to them for help in criminal cases or police related issues. Movements of most of them are tied to some activity by the Police. Political bandobast for leaders, meetings, road shows, elections, et al. is the order of the day providing scope for unprofessional relationships as well.

The cleansing of politics of these elements has been a moral mission which has seen less of successful milestones and more of bottlenecks. With electoral success the only criteria of democratic success, the end justifies the means has been a long-accepted dictum of Indian politics, rest can be treated as a smokescreen. Even the ones finally convicted leave behind their parties and their clan to sort it for them and they successfully do it. The acceptability of criminality in Indian politics and a criminal track record becoming inconsequential for his justification in getting a seat has brought Indian politics at crossroads. Given the fate of the power ecosystem in country, the whirlpool in which police is in, seems to be one of its kind, the responsibility for large part of it, can be put at their door.

When you come to power, what you need is police around you, the categorization and nature of force changing with the elevation in the politico democratic ladder. The control you wield over the police defines how high the leader stands in the eyes of the people. The vast majority of less urban India and the whole of rural India operates under this power structure. The strong arm of the govt provides them strength, the poor and downtrodden can keep fighting their own battle. The incapability of the Police to get into professionally in prevention and detection of economic crimes and being quite averse to technology related and enabled crimes, has never given the teeth to stand on their own feet. *For bodily offences and conventional property offences, everybody is a moving encyclopedia in the country.*

The police are brought into embarrassing situations by the powers that be, ending up requesting other political leaders to cooperate, for things which they treat as wrong and more so illegal. We have slowly moved into a grey area between legality and illegality. How much time will it take for the local police to find out the accused with all the evidence there in the vicinity of the scene of offence, when it is localized crime and all characters are known and around? With tools of scientific investigation abound, it is even more easy. When party spokesperson talks on behalf of the govt. and police, what is left to comment? The police and governments can talk of themselves. It’s the same case with every government and every political party. When you try to fathom out as to what percentage of police is engaged in politics driven, political, election, VVIP security, and other related issues, you would be at your wits end. The search for a non-political police is on!


Sanjay Sahay

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