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Is reading an attribute which should make you special? Certainly not, that is what we have been send to school for; reading, writing and speaking. For that matter speaking well. Speaking well is unfortunately dependent of good reading and writing skills. Bereft of that, we see a whole generation struggling be heard. It is for that reason we speak of some people as well read or possessing a reading habit. What does it mean? It means he has capability to garner knowledge at will, whatever might be his requirement put before us. How many of us have a good reading habit?

Even better, how many of us have a reading habit of relevant material to propel and keep us at the cutting edge of the jobs we do and also keep fighting fit in the public domain. That you read cannot be the final arbiter, what you read, how well you read, assimilate and put to use would be the final touchstone of whether your reading habit is of critical value to you. A habit which you can boast of or put to use or both. What is the current status of reading habit? I don’t think it is hidden from anybody. An educational culture which has brought down textbooks to ppts and cut copy paste skills, the less said the better. Where does reading stand a chance.

We are not talking of reading as an entertainment or time pass and worst still, the super quality time spent on the global campus of the great WhatsApp university. There are hardly any book buyers, of the ones who are, some flaunt their bookshelves, wherever and whenever they can. How may read the books end to end with a value add to their profession and life and keep on reading for years and decades creating a unique knowledge canvas, which is their own. Such individuals are known for their knowledge canvas. It reflects in what write and speak. Fortunately, they can do both proficiently. If you are not a voracious reader you can’t write, is a truism. Even in this predicament, we find the number of authors or writers also on the rise.

The issue is how many of them have a flair for professional writing, who can create the right content, narrative and of quality. Forced writers cannot do justice to writing. There are writers who become sellers first and writers later. Are you a compulsive writer, is the question one has pose to oneself? A book is new, different, original, relevant and relatable narrative. Do you have that narrative or not is a million-dollar question? If the urge to be an author is the only parameter, then you can certainly become one. Conversely, if you have achieved something, so necessarily you should write a book, is another fallacy. That does not make you an author anyway. The readers milieu we have already seen. Who to do blame for degeneration of a knowledge society?

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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