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If you were to fill any government application / form, engage with the government for any business, or request for any government benefit, or try and get existential documents like passport, PAN etc, you are asked to provide every single documentary substantiation. The documents would then be verified; online or offline being their prerogative. With all that you are also forced to sign that anything is incorrect not even false, you will face the consequences thereof. Even inadvertent mistakes have made citizens to run around in circles for years. All main databases are constantly cross checked and verified in real time on your transactions and any discrepancy even if unintentional, can give you sleepless nights.

It can lead to any type of nightmare. But what about the government, does this hard coded stringent rule / norm not apply to them? If you have a criminal case against you, you cannot get a government job but for the political class it has to be conviction. Similar is the cosy situation in which governments are put by way to democratic / regulatory or judicial tradition and they remain to ride roughshod. Beyond riding roughshod what they actually blatantly lie and get away with it.

If all the legal expressions of the government/s in different judicial, regulatory, electoral, quasi-judicial , inputs to law making, legislative proceedings, and other official forums are put under scrutiny, there would be innumerable instance of officially lying. The recent case of SBI standing up against a Supreme Court judicial direction has put the country at its wits end. The whole country was doing research on whether what they said was technically right or not? Why was no certificate taken from the head of IT systems in SBI to validate the claim made in the application? Why there is no agency in the government to technically validate such assertions made to the court/s. We have notified examiners of electronic evidence, who need put their seal before electronic evidence becomes a part of the chargesheet. For government it is free for all.

Affidavits has been found full of deliberate gaping holes any number of times, and courts have shown this to the world in open hearing and directions / judgements. What about deliberately booking persons in wrong sections of law, and then courts amending it after years, at the end of the judicial process. It is no offence. The declarations made by many political public servants have been found to be false, fabricated too at times. Data manipulation is presumed to the done thing. Any narrative can be created. How true are open ads and tall claims by any government going under name and seal. The audacity is killing. If we talk of the purpose of a few laws, it can be termed blasphemy. Law not having justice as an end is no law. The audacity and unaccountability practiced by many a government has no parallel.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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