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Olympics is always is what it is supposed to be. Superhumans beating all human barriers over and over again. Very rare this idea as it  would appear to us, that sports persons would be winning more than one medal. Individuals beating countries in the medal tally. How much can a human being train and how far can he go? The human glass ceiling is ripped apart as if it never existed. With 5 gold medals in swimming, Caeleb Dressal of US would have been 17th in Medals tally of nations. What a splendid achievement. That there are a lesser number of unique medals ( single ones ) could go down as the most fascinating facet of these games. Emma McKeon of Australia got 7 medals of which 4 are gold. They represent the best of mankind.

One hundred and eighty athletes won more than one medal in the recently concluded Olympic Games at Tokyo; US and Australia being represented the most. Swimmers dominated this list. ”Between them, these 180 athletes picked up a total of 405 medals, including team medals.” In terms of unique medals, the total was only 265. This story should go down deep in the psyche of every nation. Let it be known to every single person that we are a breed of superhumans, the only challenge which we face is that we have decided to be mediocre. It would take another three years to relive the same story again of super achievers and bystanders.

The other superhuman story is of the Govt. of Japan which gave the finest example in decision making. How decisions should be made, whatever come may! Understanding the sanctity of the Olympics beyond anything around, it is the epitome of what it all stands for. God knows how many governments in the world would have had the fortitude to take such a decision. Taking decisions is one thing and following it through and through till the grand finale is the mettle, which proves decisions to be right. A bit of wavering could have put the dreams of all these athletes, nations and people into the dustbin of history. This can become a case study in the art of decision making for all times to come. It was a convincing victory in a war of a different kind.

If anything matched the decision in word and spirit, it was the organizational magic behind the games. Olympics are known for their organization but this was no normal one. When you are scared to visit your neighbor, when countries have travel restrictions unheard in history, when athletes have themselves gone through COVID-19, the confidence the organizers created and fulfilled in the most splendid manner, can be the toast for all business schools across the globe. It happened in the midst of a war, what we call a health emergency. They pulled off the unimaginable. Certainly they deserve a round of applause from the whole world. We salute the Olympic Spirit.


Sanjay Sahay

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