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Most actions we take and decisions we make can be safely termed as being done on the knowledge’s edge. Knowledge’s edge in simple terms means superficial but if you try to understand it intricately, it means the incapability to understand anything in depth. If you move further on the same line of thought it means extreme inability to both understand and put it into use. That is reason we find that most initiatives move on the sustenance level or fail and very rarely becomes successful at an exponential level. We also have persons in the same world who have mastered electric cars, solar energy and space exploration without any formal education or training in those areas.

Are we satisfied being at the Knowledge’s Edge? Or have we never realized what depths can knowledge provide to your competencies, expertise, acumen and thinking and hence find no great purpose in it. If we go two notches higher, we have our politicians, who can manage even without being anywhere close to the Knowledge’s Edge. They feel in the control of the situation and they are by their own defined parameters but unfortunately those are not the parameters of the world in 2023. They have been unsuccessfully trying to usher in good governance for over 50 years. In a few years from now being on the Knowledge’s Edge can make you a relic.

The copy paste formula has been doing wonders. Readymade speeches are a fad. Everyone is looking for a document to paste. Leave aside a document even a ppt might do. There is open admission of the fact, that somehow make a document that can be approved or check list can be ticked and be done with it. The performance discussion in any area in the country, can put you at your wits end. You see the fate of human technology transformers of the nation. Our engineers. Nearly the whole lot has been declared educated unemployables. It has gone on for quite some time and we are still fine with it. The sweet talk and eternal optimism lobby has brought us here, it can take us any further.

With the expertise at hand where there is no future, still we talk of placements, and what inhuman salary they get, compared to the fancy degrees they carry. Most efforts of governments meet the same fate. All our famed experts are all on Knowledge’s Edge, they run away lock, stock and barrel with the first ray of sunlight, or when there is a change in dispensation. We call them dispensation experts. That happens with bureaucrats too, one government finds expertise in them, the subsequent one finds no value in them. Might be the bureaucrats are trained to be at the Knowledge’s Edge all throughout. Some trappings of certifications, degrees and courses; refresher and otherwise have not added to the deliverable expertise or knowledge and certainly not to their delivery. The other sectors are also in the same boat. Unfortunately, we live a in a knowledge-based world.

Sanjay Sahay

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