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If standardization of freebie was to happen by a constitutional amendment, then in current political and governance ecosystem; politicians, political class and political parties would cease to exist. Freebie here is being used as collection of things been provided for free, which cannot generate income or money being directly transferred to their bank account, with no liability to show any performance. The other crazy part of the freebie scheme, is the incapability to understand its financial viability. This also makes the government (political class) suspect of their understanding of the direction in which human development has to take place.

This does not correspond to the direction many a country has taken to reach the levels of prosperity, development and progress which we intend to achieve in the near future. If a knee-jerk reaction to poverty or monthly solution to hunger or ad hoc and haphazard management of other basic human needs is the vision of the Indian political class, we are certainly in for a non-democratic ride. Under these circumstances, equality, liberty, right to equal opportunity etc get automatically consigned to the flames of the freebie with no chance to show in any formidable manner in the foreseeable future.

We can certainly give it a term called democratic philanthropy. This is the art of philanthropy where you one set of taxpayer’s money to get credit from a major chunk of electorate, in form of votes to have a life to comfort and power for as long as you can. The subsequent incumbent would be super ready to provide a different version of the same syrup. And that is what we are practicing and literally everything has been engulfed by it. The leader and political party claim to have delivered this philanthropy, government just a handmaiden. The ads of achievements playing day in and day out are a sad commentary of what the governments (political class) thinks of us. How can masses be cajoled and how can they get away with literally everything.

Subjugating large chunk of the population deliberately to non-human fate for infinite time can be termed as a democratic by any stretch of imagination. The development administrators haven been brought to a level of largesse distributors is the most fascinating transformation of the Indian bureaucracy. What social security means in the west and how neatly it is practiced and delivered consistently, is a model for all nations. From constitutional guarantees to personal guarantees has been our journey. Every one declares his freebie as if the state or the country is his / her fiefdom. Who will guarantee us world class education and world class healthcare? How far are we from there? That would be a real freebie.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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