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While there are any numbers of the non-believers in AI current capability to bring about overall exponential change at apace, that exponential would look like an understatement, yet the news tumbling out of the AI arsenal is to prove to the contrary. Hot on the heels of numerous developments in the AI arena since the day ChatGPT genie was out, now we have the latest statement from non-other than OpenAI that everything is about to change. Given the pace and authenticity of claims and the proven track record of around 8 years of OpenAI, one would be inclined to believe in the theory being dished out.

You can feel it all around, and the humongous investments globally into it and the news of trillions likely to invested in the AI dinosaur, one is inclined to believe and everything is going to change sooner than later. It has AI’s multifarious machine learning, software and hardware. Ben Newhouse, an OpenAI employee claimed the he was hiring a team and “building what could be an industry-defining zero to one product the leverages the latest and greatest from our upcoming models.” Though the description of the product was not on offer by Newhouse, Peter Welinder, OpenAI’s vice president of product, remarked that the product that Newhouse described “will change everything.”

ChatGPT just opened up the AI pandora’s box and made the world sit up and appreciate what AI had to offer. OpenAI now shifts AI battleground to software that operates devices and automates tasks. Most of us would have cursorily heard of AI agents but its time we make a deep dive into it. Agent software. OpenAI is developing a form of “agent software to automate complex tasks by effectively taking over a customer’s device. The customer could ask the “Device Takeover” agent to transfer data from a document to a spreadsheet for analysis, for instance, or “automatically fill out expense reports and enter them in accounting software.” The nature of work which has to be got done, but not really wants to do.

The action demanded would lead to agent perform the clicks, cursor movements, text typing, and other actions humans take as they work with different apps. What a leap from a conversational ChapGPT to personal workspace seamless automation. Two types of agents are being developed by OpenAI. Open AI is developing one class of AI agent that would handle web-based tasks such gathering public data about a set of companies, creating itineraries under a certain budget or booking flight tickets. No one will ever come to know that the task has been performed by an AI system. As Google and Meta are also in the race, any company which is able to deliver it commercially first, with garner competitive advantage. Sam Altman called AI agents as “supersmart assistants at work.”

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