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What tectonic changes ChatGPT, GPT 3.5 and GPT-4 have unleashed, we will take some more time to realize. The fact of the matter is that we gliding into a different world seamlessly, even without realizing and more importantly without having very little or no check on it. The governments are too archaic to give it a direction, which they legally dutybound to. Its wildfire in the AI jungle. The number of AI hardware, products, features, multimedia applications getting delivered with a frightening pace makes us believe that the tech honeymoon has really arrived and it not going to end anytime soon. Either you are in it or you are out of the world.

Now think of specialized Artificial Intelligence Language Models on open source, and believe it or not, it is likely to go down that route. The cutting-edge technology competent to manage all your issues is to come for free, and maybe you will have capability to customize to meet most of your minutest requirements. That product is *ORCA, the ground breaking AI model. Coming from the Microsoft tech stables, Orca, a 13 billion parameter powered AI model, can imitate can learn from its mightier cousins, LLMs of the stature of GPT-4. Parameters are the aspects of the model, that are learned for historical training data.

The higher the number of parameters, the more capable the model is in understanding and generating complex language structures. When larger language models are so potent, why do we need smaller models like Orca? LLMs have issues of cost, vast computing power, energy, proprietary et al and so Out of Reach for lots. Smaller ones can still excel at various tasks, often fine tuned on specific data sets or instructions increasing their efficiency and specialization. Orca overcomes the challenges of reasoning and comprehension by its* learning methodology which is both unique and pathbreaking.*

Orca is revolutionary as it learns from the complex explanation traces of GPT-4. It absorbs how GTP-4 thinks and operates and also studies step by step as to how GPT-4 applies logic and common sense. How it links different bits of information and now it breaks down complex concepts into more digestible ideas. Orca by learning from these explanations evolves to be far more competent and intelligent than other comparable models. It gains the capability to handle a wider array of challenging tasks, producing more accurate and relevant responses. What is most fascinating is that it can explain its own reasoning process to us humans. Being Open Source, we are not in a position to even fathom out it potential impact. We are standing at the precipice of a new era in the world of artificial intelligene.

Sanjay Sahay

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