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The complete transformation of mankind into its Digital Abode has left digital footprints far and wide and literally of everything we do. It also leaves behind meta data and innumerable other patterns, correlations and linkages of data, which can leave you awestruck. Today everybody is digitally present either directly or indirectly, even if they do not use a simple mobile phone. There are any number of organizations, agencies, utilities and business enterprises which keep recording his digital footprints. The jargon may sound different and the protocols may be challenging to start with, but it would deliver the investigator actionable information, data and evidence in its own unique way. So will it provide breakthroughs for the intelligence guy.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Framework is to prove to the world that the tech tools can provide data, information, evidence, connections and at times even predictability you cannot imagine.  The OSINT architecture encompasses a huge network of topics, linkages and tools. You can engage the suspect or the accused or the target in a very unobtrusive and completely unknown manner compared to the conventional systems of investigation and intelligence gathering. Where else should you look for the data but in the data minefield. And data means all that you need, from a document to voice clip or a map or helps you reach it. ”There are numerous methods of obtaining information on the target (suspect, accused); you must choose the best one for you, and you will be amazed at how effective the framework is.”

The dispersed information across the internet would be next to impossible to handle through separate methods to find out different sorts of information, even if you are able to find those methods. The OSINT framework plays a crucial role in information retrieval. Reconnaissance to nabbing the accused and even beyond can be the full lifecycle, it would need some ingenuity that would come by, with the passage of time. The OSINT framework can be simply understood as a collection of OSINT technologies to help facilitate finding information about the target quickly and easily. It is a web-based platform, which allows browse OSINT tools based on the topics / themes and can be used as per your requirements. Data acquisition is through open-source tools and resources.

The browsing can be conveniently done looking at the OSINT tree and for sure it provides excellent classification of existing intel sources. The OSINT Framework is as broad as it possibly be; starting from username, email address, domain name, IP address to threat intelligence opsec, documentation and training. The email address and IP address opens into its own trees, social networking platform tree and tools and similar structure of exploits and advisories are a world in itself. Then we have the Dark Web detailing and the tools thereof, followed by Digital Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero), phone numbers and tools of OSINT Framework. As an investigator in an age of digital immersion could you ask for anything more. Conversely, can you manage without OSINT tools? Do we need a full fledged OSINT lab at various locations? Does the country not deserve investigators with these capabilities as a mass scale?


Sanjay Sahay

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