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If the country had any different expectations from them, then that is a different story. One the one side the persons involved in oxygen langar are risking their life for serving mankind and the country, on the other side, the people who are legally and morally mandated to provide these services and amenities are conspicuous by their absence. It would be so difficult to find any of them at the testing locations, vaccination centers, hospitals, oxygen filling stations, sorting out ambulances issues and at  cremation grounds. They have made a mockery of the whole system by requesting for socially appropriate behavior. Whose job was to enforce? With no boots on the ground, why should they be there at all. Can only meetings, media briefings, representation at talk shows and calibrated social media interjections deliver? It has not delivered so far and would not even further.

The hacking of the supply chain of oxygen and Remdesivir  etc., by the black marketeers across the country for days together, with no end in sight, leaves even the uninfected gasping. After being sure of governments response mechanism and its delivery, we pick up the oxygen langar model on a scale which can make a massive difference. There are many  known social service and philanthropic organizations who have immense experience of handling crises of this nature and successful delivery. They coordinating at a large scale can make a dent in this tsunami of apathy and complete disservice. Conversely, the Army is handed over the supply chain and delivery till the last mile of oxygen, critical medicines etc. They can also manage some hospitals as they do in war zones / disturbed areas.


Sanjay Sahay

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