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 Passion propels achievement as nothing else in this world.  A simple interest in the task / goal at hand makes succeeding in it, so simple. Efforts and orientation automatically falls in place.  Passion is the extrapolation of the same concept, magnified exponentially where there is no, no for an answer, both goal & purpose are achieved, efforts & failures notwithstanding.

Steve Jobs was driven by passion with a conviction emanating out of it, that what he creates would change the world and he did. He worked on the  concept of simplicity  churned out of complexities of modern technical & human existence and by the lack of it.  He felt that simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve and if accomplished, one can move mountains, quite literally so.

He is supposed to have created a  distorted reality field  and lived in it and tried tirelessly to make it a reality which he did. It’s seen in his products and its impact. The prophets of doom had no impact on him.  The practicality, rationality and do ability of things as professed by one and all made no difference.  Whatever he imagined was doable was his thought process. At the end of the day, the distorted reality field became a reality and the prophets of doom just vanished into thin air. Even cancer could not come in its way.

What is doable for us is decided by our parents, relatives, peer group, employer and the prevalent thought process of the day.  We are not supposed to even think above and beyond.  There is always a yardstick, benchmark and role model.  No one thinks of a goal / purpose / product & accomplishment which is beyond this matrix. This is the differentiator between the ordinary and the super extraordinary.

 Passion thus creates personality extraordinaire born to succeed, which only till yesterday, would have been beyond human imagination.


    Sanjay Sahay

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