PERSONAL DATA; Lip Service Again!

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PERSONAL DATA; Lip Service Again!

Cyber Security is protection of data. At the core of this data is the personal data, which put through algorithms & software can be used for purposes we can’t imagine of. At the business level, WannaCry & Petya seems are long forgotten. For Personally Identifiable Information, PII, the Facebook/ Cambridge Analytics sordid saga seemed to have shaken the world conscience. But as the sound & fury subsides, it’s business as usual. One more lip service cycle gets over. Familiar story & IT Biggies again take over.

The media glare is over with the sentimental press statements & legislative oversight of the UK & US. Christopher Wylie was grilled by UK Committee & Mark Zuckerberg went through the US Congressional hearing. He made world headlines & gave hollow assurances, fall out unknown. Every single IT company & each App is into the same trade. Cambridge Analytica has unfortunately become the ugly face of Data Manipulation of the worst type, practiced by innumerable companies. These are like shell companies for the want of a better term.

It seems that governments were waiting to complete this ritual. In reality Forced to Consent has taken place of Informed Consent. Never ever in history a predator has been given been given global credence. Creation, storage & usage of data still remains outside the comprehensive control of any govt. or agency. It outbeats the Syrian chemical weapons danger. Why can’t there be an UN specialised agency for this purpose.

The Big Four connive to provide the legal camouflage of audit to these companies. All compliances of governments & EU is met with & the situation remains the same. Why these audit reports not in public domain? It has to be legally mandated. The audit norms have to be laid. Who is auditing the source code and algorithms? Who is competent legally & technically to certify what algorithms are being used & for what purpose? And none other is used.


Sanjay Sahay

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