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While the benefits of planning for the long overhaul has been talked about in organizations on a regular basis, what is happening in reality? Professionals are accustomed to project proposals with short, medium and long term objectives and goals and the methodology and the resources to achieve each of these. While huge amount of effort goes is projecting the seriousness of it, till someone mostly the boss quips, what are low hanging fruits and let’s concentrate on it. From an extremely myopic breed of professionals, what else can you expect?

Perspective planning as a regular tool of measured progress does not seem to be the norm. It it were to be so, charting out both the history and progress of companies, govt. departments and institutions would have become so simpler. Having not seen a great tool of planning and delivery happening, people don’t feel the need or the utility to get into it. Make anybody or a group create a 25 years Perspective Plan for the company and then you will see the change they experience in their understanding of the job they do and length , breadth and intensity of the work the company does. Companies are meant to turn out to be enduring business entities fulfilling what they had set out for.

However long or cherised might be the goals, it can happen only with clearly defined milestones, all throughout the journey, each fueling into the other. The experience of achieving the initial ones creates huge amount of confidence and also the expertise in the individual and through the breadth of the team that the plans and goals are achievable. This organizational culture is that of a disciplined, eternally preparing and regularly delivering long distance runner. Human instinct and the thought process finally prevails.

Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO, reflects this sort of a mindset / planning and what a progress it has been, a scientific growth trajectory well under control, where failures are also assimilated in a non dissonant manner. The sheer mortal team by series of high end deliveries, start looking invincible.Jamnagar refinery and petrochemicals now in the third phase of it’s completion has shown what it can deliver to the company and the nation. With companies going haywire and projects faltering all over, there are lots of lessons to be learnt.


Sanjay Sahay

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