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Political campaigning is generally equated with fun and frolic the world over, notwithstanding the fact that its result decides the fate of the nation / province for the next for or five years. US has taken on it’s flight of political fancy in the Presidential Election 2020, while the country in reeling under might be the worst pandemic US has ever experienced. What way political campaigning would impact further spread of the pandemic is broadly known. What happened to the promises of 2016, nobody knows, yet the campaigning is going full swing. It finally boils down to battle of two nominees on most of the issues, which the country has nothing to do with.

Is political campaigning a matter or strategy or has it anything to do with the reality of life? The first question is the touchstone of political campaigning – propriety? In this great democratic festival called election, if propriety is missing, then what is left of it. When the elections are fought as laid by the constitution and all relevant laws regulating it; mechanisms and SOPs, the content of campaigning does not reflect the same earnestness. If you get an adversary’s scandal on the platter or you are able to create one, more than half the battle is already won. It finally turns out to be a no holds battle of tongue and any media you can lay your hands on.

Its a time to prove which side you are and unfortunately its the same now, for the media as well. Political campaigning is a time to prove your trust, loyalty, love and affection for the political party and candidate. It is an investment done for bountiful harvest when they come to power. Political donation has it’s own sordid saga the world over, which can be termed as a primary tool of political campaign. How much the election expenditure accounts are fudged, nobody knows? What is the connect between the Election Manifesto, campaigning, coming to power, delivery and its audit? Why are all political audits and certification done by politicians themselves and that too without any mechanism and only by word of mouth.

The voters are on a roller coaster ride. What would a national debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden deliver? The shrill and the cacophony decides everything. Alexander Nix of the Cambridge Analytica fame describes democratic elections as a battle between hope and despair. You can go whole hog for either and romp home. Social media has now added even more sinister element to campaigning. Driven by data crunching and mathematical analysis, the voter is made the target of micro multimedia campaigning, crafted for that particular individual. You are swayed by it while believing that you are exercising your free political will. The Facebook – Cambridge Analytica saga has opened our eyes but the same story goes on.


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