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Revolving doors as a concept and practice has been used for data for quite sometime now. This simply means an easy flow of data through digital routes unknown to the outside world and data being used to create immense value and naturally leading to immense monetization. The owner and creator of the data is left high and dry. Besides what companies internally do, there are whole breed of data brokers, and they do exactly the same thing with data as any other broker to the commodity or service he deals. Sometimes, data finds its way into nefarious uses. You can call the whole process as crass commercialization.

Take the same concept to a radically different world of democracy; an ideological concept itself, to various ideologies within it trying to make it a reality, political parties, leaders with their own at times crazy or vested understanding of things, the modalities to make it happen and at the end of it all, the funnel called governance. The be all and end all of democracy. Democracy is mandated to be fructified through governance. Whether it happens is this manner or not is anybody’s guess. When this whole ecosystem gets messed up beyond recognition, we see the political revolving doors evolving.

What are political revolving doors? Democracy has been transformed into a profession without any deliverables. Political revolving doors is a concept and practice, where political leaders change parties with nothing to do with ideology, past political career; successful, tainted or otherwise. The ease of movement seems to be automated. Expressions made earlier in the public domain becomes redundant. It is outpouring of political love and affection all the way, when the political revolving doors operate. Some leaders gain notoriety for being in transit, watching the political fortunes of different political parties.

One CM has gained the name of revolving door itself, in the local language. Might be he has lost count of the number of times he traded himself. For the ones who understand Indian politics even at the superficial level, revolving doors connotes some system of trading, what is being traded can left to conjecture. There are both type of factors which keeps the revolving doors moving; push and pull. Though revolving doors operate on a continuous basis, the election time is really free for all. With alliances in operation, there are parties too who keep playing the revolving doors. Even parties get divided or are broken for this purpose. In election time, what counts is the winnability of the person crossing the revolving doors or he capability to influence large chunk of votes.

Sanjay Sahay

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