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This is the genesis of the political narrative of today and why its debasement will remain the order of the day for long times to come. Not that there was no political bickering earlier; no beating under the belt in high voltage election drama, or no false promises, all were there, but the ecosystem was different. It could not allow the general public domain environment go so perverse. The legislature sessions were a challenge as it is today and there was more of clamor and cacophony and less of legislative business. None of these were documented for easily retrieval.

Large parts of the sordid political saga remained undocumented. This limited the memory recall of bad things, the good ones somehow lingered and we had very few images we could cling on to. From riots to communal clashes there was hardly any public domain visual imprint. Pics of some renowned photographers left some imprint. Whatever little was documented could not be played over and over again. Might be that environment did leave even the politicians and political workers with reasonable amount of shame. The material to defame was not easy to get. Travel took time and organizing people was mostly physical and so not easy.

The onset of the digital age opened floodgates for political debasement to go full bloom. Every activity stared getting recorded in the multimedia format, and storge moved on to the non-physical mode. From PCs to laptops to camcorders to digicams to all the all-comprehensive smartphones has been our journey. Politicians, political workers and media started utilizing this boom, starting with the electronic medium being able to transform used of stored material. With the advent of social media and storge getting cheaper and cheaper, lots could be done with the recorded and stored material. Stings also gained ground.

In the earlier days it was difficult to record, but today everything is recorded and stored for eternity. It can be retrieved in no time, can be changed into any format, and any narrative can be built on it. Political digital marketing, perception gameplay and multimedia blitzkrieg has became the order of the day. Legislature sessions to recorded phone calls, and video appearing for everything, the world has changed forever. Leaders can be made out of social media, and people can be impacted like never before. Over last decade or more, a monumental political trash repository has been created and tons getting added to it every day. The media /IT/political digital strategists are digging deep to make their own make-believe story and further help in the deterioration of the political climate, level and quality of political engagement. Governance delivery seems to have become a mirage forever.

Sanjay Sahay

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