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If anyone has to enjoy the democratic resources to the fullest without any connect to the toiling masses you need to be an influential politician. Democratic resources are created with very high level of conceptual, ecosystem based and its likely use and impact for the practitioner. Through the practitioner what democracy or the democratic governments are able to deliver to the masses. Then the most critical question is how much of democratic resources are politically tied? Given the state of affairs, there can be counter question, how much of the democratic resources are not tied to them.

The beauty for the crazy democratic situation the quantum of the resources tied to them and their commensurate delivery. If ever an audit of this nature is done, we might end up losing faith in democracy, not by way of what it cannot deliver, but by way of entitlement they have achieved. The second critical point is that with the highest level of entitlement, what it carries is zero accountability. The resources that goes on to run and maintain the parliament, all for politicians and what they deliver, will always show the ROI, Return on Investment, in a serious red.

The main element of law making remains literally unattended. It just provides the rights to passage. Has anyone ever taken the responsibility for a flawed law. Whole of Lutyens Delhi is their rest and recreation arena. If we were to check the police resources tied to them, in a country where villages won’t be seeing even a constable in months, where only a crime brings police into your touching distance. We can boast of one of the worst police to population ratio. They are flush with the police force, more for style and status and less for any security consideration. Think of the police making bandobust arrangements for a serving Dy.CM to be produced in a court in Delhi or for a road show of the executive head of the country. What quantum of democratic police resources gets tied up to the political class even no audit can throw up.

The police resources if equitably distributed can transform the rule of law in the country. They can slowly get rid of the mindset that their first and foremost task in serve the political masters. Resources to loyalty all go for six. How much of the ministry’s and department’s resources are dedicated for the upkeep and then think of the public sectors, how much have they been bleeding on this count. Their travel, accommodation et al and readymade preferential treatment everywhere, inclusive of land allotments. Even a monarchy has to garner its resources, here it is free for all. Not only what they garner is important, additionally, they also push in in a culture, which is completely antithetical to democratic governance. They also have to take care of their extended families and chelas out of these resources itself. Democracy has its own ways of serving its masters.

Sanjay Sahay

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