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Cross purposed is the country we have created so far and we are in the process of consolidating it further with every passing day. This has been the trend for over a quarter of a century now and does show  any signs of getting arrested. The three elements of Politics, Governance and Business cannot work at cross purposes in  the interest of the nation.  It means that the convergence is a compulsion. On the other hand, each of these elements don’t have their purpose defined, then how does it converge into something big. In no case the alignment will happen and that too at such a humongous and complex level. The tragic part is that each of the major divisions of these elements are at cross purposes with each other, just  in case they have any purpose.

The story of the vision and mission statements for the country has been neatly encapsulated in the Preamble and then in the constitution itself. Has Indian politics been able to fathom its purpose? Have you ever thought about it? Has there been any course correction? None. It has not been their concern. The purpose of politics has been to come to power. What next is not known. The methodology of coming to power defines what you do with power. The proportion of attention provided to elections, law making and governance in the constitution makes the purpose very clear. What has been the calibre  & quality  of our law making and is it not the case that every law provides enough arsenal for its no use, misuse and disuse. What about the government being accountable to the legislature, leave the purpose, does even the concept exist? It’s just called a session?

The governance is the next block to have run out of  the purpose steam a long time back. The political executive takes it as reward for having been successful in  elections. The thought process is crazy, that they are accountable only to the people. This accountability has been differently defined. It is only during elections. Otherwise, it does not exist. For the permanent bureaucracy it’s a job. A salary vending machine. Having cleared an exam at whatever level of entry, it  is a lifelong fun ride. Perks, positions,  power and aligning with political executive and elected representatives in general, is the defining trait. To stand on your own for the powers independently vested to deliver succour to the masses and enforce laws with spine has never been the purpose. Where will the bigger purpose of transforming a colonial country to a vibrant economic and technological juggernaut be even known to them.

The business being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people has its own story of economic justice. The maximization of profits has an additional liability to be achieved through the easiest route and least effort. The benefits of businesses are limited to big metros and a couple of other islands. Whether it is the quality of life or employability we don’t fare well on any count. Creativity and innovation have taken a back seat. Product development is not in anybody’s mind. The technology as a driver of change is a midway to nowhere story. What is the economic narrative of this country and how do you fit the businesses into it, serving their and common interests has never been the purpose. COVID-19 has proved that if you lose purpose, you lose the economy.


Sanjay Sahay

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