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Family, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, professional contracts and above all friends, life has always been a social network with some professional leanings recently. Network has taken a different meaning in business parlance and is generally been seen as a panacea to meeting the right people, who can further business interests, the process called networking. The modalities of network event /dinner have been vogue for a long time, what utility has it had, still remains a debatable question. Nonetheless, networking manifested by tonnes of events is still going strong.

The social media has been a melting point and the watertight compartmentalisation of professional network / networking has broken down to a considerable extent. Forums like LinkedIn has brought down the barriers limited in the physical world. What’sapp, Facebook etc have provided different connects depending on your need. *The slight bowing posture of giving the business card does not remain the only mode of networking nor even the predominant one. There are no exclusive networks, the professional connects are also in the public domain.

Life has become a complex mix of personal and professional relationships and physical and digital interactions; lots of multi media thrown in and immense possibilities of finding out the connects of a person in the digital world and using it to your advantage, if you so desire. If this in some way is creating a levelling impact on networks, what is your differentiator. In this motley mix of networks where you position yourself is the differentiator, this is your individual personal – professional persona.

Bland facts, pics, videos and even curated feedbacks are not going to make a great difference. What you have created out of yourself is the glue of a networked man of today. How do people view you on what you do, what your write, what you speak, how you impact and the individuality your posses. With your personal behavioural traits together, you are what you are; a business leader, mentor, trainer, professional consultant, a project executionist par excellence, business / technical writer, a professional public speaker etc or any combination of your well known roles.


Sanjay Sahay

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