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DailyPost 1203


Positioning is the are art of dreaming, working and putting oneself in a position for which he might be qualified to start with, but is interested in being there for the power, authority, financial and other perks it provides. This is based on conventional job market mechanism. Having arrived he is resistant to any change. This ecosystem is exactly the opposite of the Gig Economy where jobs are traded for the skills possessed, generally, the high end ones for a specific period and a specific task to be conducted. Jobs are temporary in nature. Upscaling of skills is a must and gig is always up to it.

The tragedy befalls the individual, organisation and nation if all get into the positioning mode. Positioning mode also presupposes that once you get into a position and rest happens automatically. Proverbially, you just have to call the shots. This is the concept of you having arrived in life. It is inward looking in nature and one is interested more in trappings than the real worth of the job and what one deliver while you are there.

Everyone knows how to get into the position but hardly anyone knows what to do having gotten there. Having gotten there the maximum effort goes in how to continue to be there. Research work goes on what best can be made out that position with the least amount of effort. Having known fully well through experience that only hard work and expertise pays, they are out to negate the model by which they reached there. Life models are not made by us. But easy life has its own vices and the art of positioning is the ultimate of them.

What damage its does to the job he adorns, the people he is mandated to serve, to the projects he delivers, the professional growth he is to create in himself and the people around him is immeasurable. The post is dwarfed by such persons and faith in that position and later in the system itself goes down considerably. The Gig Economy is bound to break this nexus.


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