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That the competencies and skills can be taken to any level provided you have the passion and focus in something, happens by exception for that one odd person. It is a very serious grind of trying to prefect a competency. Having gained the expertise he might or might not practice. Practice primarily means monetising it. The vast majority certainly don’t fall in this category and knowing fully well that they don’t know that competency yet they practice it.

Such so called professionals both in skilled and in general business pertaining to technical areas are the ones who are stalling the technical progress. Technical progress works on the nuts and bolts of what is being done and supervisory ones who have gone through the tough grind themselves are in decision making, guiding, supervising and mentoring levels. Ones who practice without being in the know of things cannot do any execution when they rise to those levels up the ladder, lacking this expertise is a major bottleneck at the supervisory levels.

As businesses have to work at a pricing which might not be manageable given the Indian market situation, low quality resources lacking know how, project to have the capability to practice. Price criticality leads to hiring. The customers then is at the receiving end. It virtually becomes a battle to extract work. Over a period of time, this type of hiring becomes the norm. The real practitioners are lost in the process as things can be managed in this manner.

This is the stage we are in large number of IT sectors following the above mentioned trend for a long time. With emerging technologies coming in a big way, people with just the ability brag are being picked up. Anybody above that capability cannot be hired on the prices offered. With no R&D at the backend what we are left with is hollow claims of practice in areas of blockchain technology, ML, AI, IoT etc. This cannot take us any further. Practice what you know is the only forward.


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