Daily Post 1368


Since when we have started to practice professional deceit and in which areas still remains to be unknown. The hard fact is that it is so professionally done that you cannot figure out the deceit anywhere. It gives the look and feel of a reality. Though done individually and enterprise wise, it seems to be to have been created out of unison of minds. That is the magic and frills were a made to be confused with the product. The product was to solve our real life’s problems. When problems are small or isolated and even if you fail, such great people know how to camouflage it successfully.

The management of failure without effort or improvement is the biggest professional skill we have picked up. Diversion is another tool in their kit box. Giving non-existent or not replicable success stories of foreign shores are sold for our fancy. The degrees and certificates, the targets and the evaluations, the assessments and the incentives have their own story. The professional art is to achieve the maximum with the minimum effort and even then keep cribbing about it. Everybody was paid less than what they deserved and the products were also priced accordingly. It seemed as if a great obligation was being done to customer, client, citizen and the community. The analogy of sub-prime loans driven recession would be an ideal one. What a make believe world was created out for professional deceit!

That two three months of economic inactivity would throw the organisations out of gear was unknown. The health crisis has it’s story, from the health intelligence to infrastructure, the systems to run and make use of it. Professional deceit does not work on the principles of shared resources or collaboration or cost optimisation, a necessity in hard times. Different sets of political executives talk through the media as interface. Professional deceit also means proving that you are doing an exceptional job. Advertising becomes a part of you. Corona does not believe in any of these manicured drama. From the well orchestrated Corporate Social Responsibility to commitment to the employees fell flat, leave aside the business goals and the customers.

The consultants who had championed their cause are looking for cover. The confidence of the peacetime and riding roughshod have already become a thing of the past. From the evacuation plans to emergency response have all been put to real test. We had become champions of simulated and demo exercises, that too heavily publicised. The structure so meticulously created has fallen like a pack of cards. Tall claims and assurances were given by all and sundry for the common man to digest. Still the realisation has not dawned on us. The general feeling is that nothing can be done. This is the undoing of a human main created out of professional deceit. If the hard core brick and mortar world is not created out of this nemesis, the final nemesis would come sooner than later.


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