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Self created definition & hazy accomplishment of the same & going a stage further self certification has been ailing Indian professionals& the concept of professionalism. Few behavioural traits in your personality & being in a profession, does not make you a professional. Everybody is a professional from his or her point of view. That does not suffice in an exponential change with disruptive innovation. True professionalism is the transformation of management principles into an ethic.

Conceptually elusive with varied definitions & interpretations, a term often used in the professional world, but seldom practiced. It is immeasurable, but can determine stupendous success in one’s career, as well as decimate one’s profession. It is the foundation of every member of every profession: it is professionalism. When you see it, you know it. It is more conspicuous when you come across its antithesis.

People who are distinguished as professionals have a social standing way beyond the specific job they perform. They possess integrity, passion, vision of reality, which motivates them & others around them, towards solving problems & conflict resolution. Professionals are confident of themselves & in their abilities to perform with clarity, focus & unstinted conviction. A professional is not someone who holds a specific degree & goes through all levels & processes because those without any qualification or degree can also be called professionals, provided they practice professionalism.

Subroto Bagchi in his book titled The Professional has enumerated the differentiators. First being professional can work unsupervised. He cites example of a midwife in pre-modern hospitals age. Secondly, he should certify completion of work in all respects. A painter, sculptor or potter. He is the creator. Thirdly, it’s integrity. It has lead to top professionals falling from the pedestal; McKinsy CEO, IMF Chief & now Zuckerberg & Alexander Nix. Expediency & convenience over right has to be avoided.


Sanjay Sahay

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