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Though not a much talked about topic, yet it is in the hearts and minds of people who are engaged as professionals. Organizations, and leaders in various professional areas live and die for it. Then there are pillars of democracy which cannot be called as a single organization but the world views then in the same vein. The parameters of professional dignity to professional shame are certainly there, though it might be evaluated differently in the public domain because of the complexities involved. Large part of it is not understandable to the masses at large, but serious issues either finally come out in the open or it keeps working as termite, till the time everything is lost.

This issue can be taken as an extension of anti-shame which we discussed only yesterday. What is the professional shame attached to a law maker for not being able to perform his duties, deliberately or otherwise, in the manner he is legally mandated to? But does he call himself a professional law maker. This is something unheard of. Are they interested in gaining expertise in the field to gain on the performance, certainly not? Whether they call themselves as professionals or not, the country is ruled by the laws they make. Is this not a matter of professional shame? Ironical as it may sound there are considerable numbers amongst them who are law breakers.

The relationship with regards to this topic is pretty queer when it comes to the relationship of judiciary and the executive. For sure the judiciary sits in judgement and that is as per the constitutional scheme of things. From the use of Suo motto powers, to PIL to judicial remarks, strictures and judgements, the professionalism of the judiciary is always up for scrutiny. We even have situations and quite a few in recent years, when the executive challenges the negatively impacted to go to court of law. It is not a matter of professional shame, that justice and succor does not happen at this level. The merry go round of courts should be an aberration.

An intense study of judicial remarks and more so of strictures and judgements in any area of executive power, would be like showing a mirror to the executive. They are mortally averse to it. The proclamation of President’s rule to allotment of oxygen during the COVID second phase have been all taken to the court clearly proving their incapability to handle situations. That is the primary job of the executive. To err is human but taking executive action by design is inexcusable. There are endless judicial strictures and judgements on bail or no bail and strict diktats on the process of arrest and thereafter. How much of it professionally welcomed, digested and delivered? Ditto for the quality of criminal investigation. Nothing great has changed. If we get into variety of the other cases where executive is a party, it is the same story. They are at the receiving end. Does it mean lack of professional competence and / or no value for professional ethos? Or can it simply be lack of professional shame and now it is taken as routine. What a tragedy!

Sanjay Sahay

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