Daily Post 1557


Any important project has a life of its own. So as a precursor to it, it has a purpose. That purpose is independent of the protagonists who make it happen. The project would live way beyond the life of the protagonists and its operations and even beyond the person who has been responsible for its genesis. The project is celebrated for its success. It’s not the success of an individual but the success is of it reaching out to the community and elevating their existence in the targeted dimension of human living. We should feel privileged that we get a chance to contribute in an exponential manner.

The challenge is not with the project. As the adage goes Projects don’t fall, We fail them. The challenge is within us. Given the present level of technological development and expertise maturity, there is absolutely no reason for a project to fail on account of technical reasons. The incapability of the professionals to have a detached professional delivery thought process is what is killing the projects. Have we been able to create an expertise of the nature? Have we even set out on that journey.

You can call it a technical penance. Even for the people who come from the technical background the necessity of a regular upgrade cannot be overemphasised. Only academic rigor will pay. There are lots of gaps in the technology expertise itself that is throwing gaps in the creation of the Project Blueprint and then necessarily in the project execution. Sad to say project does not matter as long as the individual stakeholders ego is massaged and they are able to achieve what they have set out to. Unfortunately, delivering an iconic project which can live beyond time and space has never been their concern.

The owners are a different breed. Whether it is the management side in business enterprises or on the governance side of the governments, it is presumed that project can created by a very limited or outdated knowledge of the technologies involved in the project, the latest tools and the project process. The delivery beyond the physical attributes is just unknown to this genre of people. The thought process is archaic that couple of terms and conditions and matching technical capabilities can deliver a project. The vendor may be having a field day. In the process we have created a vitiated Project Management mechanism, which we are finding difficult to wriggle out.


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