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Projects define our future course of development & Project Managers are the deliverers. With projects falling by the wayside & lots crossing the finishing line stunted, doubts are raised on the competencies of the Project Manager. From Project Management Institute curriculum & certification to the training given by engineering colleges & business schools, this job entails management competencies only, has been wrongly presumed. With complex & integrated projects today, the competencies of the present managers don’t seem to meet the requirements.

The first big challenge is knowledge of technology, that too updated & its application. The ideal mix of management & technology does not seem to happen. The Project Monitoring type approach has brought us this far, but no further. The Project Manager first accomplishment should be the creation of a Blueprint, technically called a Detailed Project Report, which has to be his own, support from experts notwithstanding.

PMI style matrix & breakdown of tasks will only come to life, if the technology, people & process make ground level operational sense. The cobbling together of Human Resource is not going to yield results. Siloed individuals cannot deliver integrated projects. The Sutradhar in the literal sense has to emerge, in every part of the project & for the whole. Project have to be stitched on the ground, not only in the document. Good, competent & integrated resources don’t deliver failed projects. Ownership should be supported by responsibility & accountability.

Projects are neither fairy tale stories nor what successful business stories make it out to be. Projects have issues & bottlenecks of all types, sometimes you are pushed to wall, might be with no solutions. These are the insurmountables, have to be surmounted. The capability to do mid – project course correction when required is the biggest trait, skill & attribute of a Project Manager.


Sanjay Sahay

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