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At Google I/O, an annual developer conference, held in 2023, number of AI first experiments were made known to the world of which was Project Tailwind. It was a new kind of a notebook enabling people to learn and deliver faster. Tailwind at the end of productization was getting rolled out with its new name NotebookLM. Currently, this LM enabled notebook is available to only a small group of people in the US. The pace of AI dissemination will see to it that the world in able to lay its hands on this pathbreaking Notebook tool, which would redefine the way we work.

All of us are familiar with all what ChapGPT can do. Enamoured by what it can do and way it facilitated the drudgery of varieties of work, we have not gone behind to think as to what all it cannot do. Or in which way can it be used to provide the best advantage? Think of Language Model which is dedicated to you and has been built up ground zero. We are aware of notetaking tools, but NotebookLM brings to the table is the best tool of the genre of the personal AI assistant to able to take care of all nearly all our needs.

“It is way more than a notetaking tool; it is way more that a writing tool and also way more than an organizational tool.” We have all known the stages of the creative process; reading, researching, notetaking and writing as separate. It is for this reason that we have using different tools for each of these activities. It is a reality that we have to constantly switch between them and formatting, compatibility and security/privacy remaining our concerns, while we worked. A nuisance indeed, but we thought that was the only it could happen, because that the only way it was possible. No software tool could do it all and fold them into a single integrated space.

Now you can remain in the integrated space and keep working and delivering, what seemed impossible, till yesterday. Currently, this tool, in its beta version, NotebookLM can handle up to 20 documents, each with a maximum of 200,000 words. Four million words to play around with is no joke in the most professional or creative way or both. It can literally do everything from summarization to help create an article from scratch, with citations where authenticity and validity are never in doubt. Anyway, all the resources have been fed by you in the AI LM tool to do the magic and it does. It is like working at the speed of though. “NotebookLM is an AI collaborative tool, trained on data only you possess, with your unique view of the world.”

Sanjay Sahay

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