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Barely a day passes when you don’t promise something to somebody  or the vice versa. That is human life.  People keep continuously complaining of promises not kept.  The legal variants are agreements / contracts / treaties / resolutions / declarations and the like. Election Manifesto is another variant. The intention is suspect more often than not and the party not interested in fulfilling the promise starts to play with its nuances.  Imagine of a world where all promises were kept.

 New Year is the best time to come up with promises, regular, one of its kind, fanciful et al, lapped by one and all with astounding regularity . Only to be repeated once again the next year.  Big announcements are meant for big events  goes the adage, but the announcement which is inherently a promise of a public kind remains unfulfilled.

 The attitude of self discipline is at the core of any promise.  A word once thought, spoken or written in that manner is sacred. It’s so unfortunate that large number of promises are made not to be kept.  The ever smarter lot knows what promise to make, when, where & how and how to wriggle out of it.

If fulfilment in your goal contrary to the activity related goals on a day to day basis, you are the one who will make promises happen, come what may. All of us have tons of promises to keep. May the New Year unfold a new saga.


 Sanjay Sahay


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