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A psychological war has war has already been won. Indian politician has won. Might be the war never took place, it was a one of kind coup. The politicians in general of Independence days were very different from what we have today for sure, in every dimension of the game, personal or professional. That fighting freedom struggle as was single point focused program, dependent on unrelenting zeal, a competent leader and political strategy competent enough to handle the changing needs of the struggle. The political leaders matched the requirements of the day, finally achieving independence for India.

With India gaining independence and the onset of complex democratic governance becoming the need of the hour, the incumbent political executive in normal scheme of things, should have been forced to pick up the skills to deliver the same. The freedom struggle generation could pull off with the zest, vigour, dedication and never say never die approach, for may be two decades after independence. They could also pick up fast, the tricks of the trade, as it was their vision which was being translated into reality. Post that generation the Indian politician picked up everything but for democratic governance, developmental administration and other expertise the multifaceted job of member of the political executive.

Whether the Indian electorate ever looked to any skills, expertise and competency will remain a matter of conjecture for all times to come? Having known of bureaucracy and what all was required to be in it or in the government, how could they imagine, the politician does not require anything is the biggest riddle of our democratic times. He was born to rule, sans anything worthwhile notwithstanding, seems to have become the ruling principle of the day. You compare the political class with any other professional class and you can make out the difference so distinctly and still be go by them over and over again. Is this democracy’s Stockholm Syndrome?

In a professional world, where minutest of professional expertise or even change in business environment can lead to your ouster from a job, the political class rides roughshod without having professional credentials. For the Indian political class cumulatively to accept that they manage without the requisite credentials for the job, is one of the marvels of the twenty first century. If the constitution does not prescribe for qualifications does not mean that every political executive job can be performed well, with whatsoever no relevant qualification. The political parties could have the done the needful, directly or indirectly. It is them who have to deliver. The next queer thing is the confidence of the political executive to control the bureaucracy which is supposedly a professional lot with out of the world immunity. And they have done confidently, successfully and fully. The gleeful acceptance of the bureaucracy to its self-created predicaments will go down as one of the dark chapters in evolution of democratic governance of India.

Sanjay Sahay

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