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The quality, quantity & contribution of professionals in the public domain decided tacitly but very convincingly the direction the nation takes. Public life unfortunately has not dedicated professionals as in the case of every domain but at the end of day, public discourse is heavily impacted by them. It affects the nature of tasks to be taken up in its own decisive way in majority of domains & how well it is seen through. Wholistic impact of a project & it’s perpetuation is directly dictated by the public domain.

The professionals have been hitting the public domain precisely three reasons. First, if there is a injustice done for an individual or a sub-group or the group at large. Second, is when they have some demands, they realize pretty well that pressure can be created the maximum in the public domain. And thirdly and more importantly is to declare their’s or the group’s achievements. It is necessary that professional achievements should hit the public domain; short lived & disjointed to the running narrative. A continuous presence of professionals, who can put the public domain on fire, emphatically making their presence felt, will make the public domain lively, vibrant and variegated. Public domain should be the kaleidoscope of life.

Completely bereft of professionals, public domain attracts people who have taken it as profession, to prove their competence, in by now the unwritten ways of the public domain. As the charter of work is vague or made to believe as vague, there is no job description either. So the professional construct of knowledge, skills and competencies doesn’t work. Some professionals do enter from films, sports etc but that is generally as a post professional life public domain existence.

While we hone social and professional skills in our families, schools, colleges, enterprises & organizations, it is certainly their duty to inculcate a sense of societal responsibility through the public domain. Today, the opposite is being taught. The expectation is that public domain should qualitatively deliver despite intense professionals apathy. It does not happen that way.


Sanjay Sahay

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