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Is the quantum of professional expertise in the public domain directly proportional to the quality of the development of the nation? The public domain professional expertise provides the north star for literally anything and everything that the country does. Over time it leads to the development of national culture; of work ethic, discipline, punctuality and later of creativity, innovation and adoption of new technology. Public domain professional expertise can guide the way for research and development and show the way to a technically and an economically sound nation.

Public domain professional expertise is the driver of the nation. It is the brain and the nervous system. How can the public domain remain even relevant without this? What is public domain by the way? First and foremost it is the governance of this country, primarily consisting of the political executive; that part of the political class, who are elected and are a part of the government and then the permanent executive, who are doers and who provide continuity to governance. Permanent executive is also known as the bureaucracy or in simple terms public servants from top to the bottom.

What expertise does the political executive carry? Are they even expected to have any? Leave aside expertise, even learning is not their wish, desire or urge, not to talk of their forte. When you think of bureaucracy, you think of the babus in the higher echelons of power, who are suave to talk to. In the web of meetings, approvals, finance, audit, travel, conference, reporting to the political bosses incessantly; no one knows what expertise they carry. The expertise and the specific job or a group of jobs have never been mapped. It is presumed at the head of a ministry or at senior level any admin guy can manage or deliver as the case may be. Can the government run only focus on approvals, receipts and expenditure? And the pathetic lower bureaucracy, which can bring everything to a naught.

How does a whole government run without public domain professional expertise? So there are fillers everywhere, by way of Big4, consultants, advisors or SMEs. How do they bring about the desired control and direction no one knows. Outside of the renowned and failed big consulting MNCs; economic, scientific and other advisors come onboard primarily on the political colors they have. No one knows how much difference the lateral entry experts have made. What is the level of expertise based leadership in our technical and scientific institutions, outside of the routine, something that can change the trajectory of the nation. What interface does it have with the governance and development of this country? Each to his own philosophy, negates the utilization of expertise, even where we have. I will leave the issue of expertise in civil society and its pro-active organizations, which can be consumed purposefully, by the public domain, for another day.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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