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Lots have been written about how to become a public speaker and lots of trainers are making a fortune promising to create a public speaker out of you. With all that exercise going on for decades, we still have few speakers making it to the grade. The audience connect has been talked about for long. That does make a superficial connect, the audience will have a good feeling but it does leave a lasting imprint on the audience.

The human connect is the killer. This is the process to get into the mind & hearts of the audience and make a sense to their life; the very existence itself. You basically get into their thought process, their feelings and experiences and talk is able to provide the connect, whatever might be the topic. Human beings are multidimensional and it is not very difficult to get the connect. At least one aspect is common to most in the audience providing the connecting cord.

Once the human connect is made, the capability of your thoughts, content & communication style should connect to the general understanding. If you challenge that, you should be in a position to substantiate your point of view to finality. In a debate of sorts, you should be able to pull off a coup, with a flair. It leads to respect from even those who have a radically different point of view. The rest are won over as it leads to consolidation of their thoughts.

Providing a roadmap to the issue is only one part of the story. If people find an individual roadmap for improvement, it leads to an effective connect. This customisation can happen without much of an effort. This happens when speaker has the capability to deliver with real time and dynamic thought process. It is doable and it’s the mainstay of all Professional Public Speakers. In the process, we can also provide a neat description of the skills required for the purpose &methodology to pick

it up. It thus becomes an interpersonal connect with nearly every single member of the audience. The human connect. A mental imprint for decades.


Sanjay Sahay

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